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Marble, Colorado



All of our tours start with the sights and history of Marble as we drive through town toward the Jeep road.  At the top of Daniels Hill the road forks.  The right fork is the Crystal Road and the left fork is the Lead King Basin road.  See the tour map.  Click on the thumbnail to see the full size photo.

Wildlife Photos
Wildflower Photos

The Crystal Tour

Departure Departure  Departure

Lizard Lake Lizard Lake  Lizard Lake  Lizard Lake

Shelf Road View Shelf Road View

Angel Falls Angel Falls

Milwaukee Falls Milwaukee Falls

Chicago Falls Chicago Falls  Chicago Falls

New York Falls New York Falls

Crystal Mill Crystal Mill  Crystal Mill  Crystal Mill  Crystal Mill  Crystal Mill

Crystal City Crystal City  Crystal City, Grey Cabin  Crystal City, Print Shop and Store


Summit Lead King Road looking west  Lead King Basin Summit  Lead King Basin Summit  Lead King Basin Summit  Lead King Basin SummitSilver Creek

Geneva Falls and Snowmass Peak Geneva Falls and Snowmass Peak

Copper Creek Copper Creek

Lead King Basin Lead King Basin Cabin  Lead King Basin

Coors Falls Coors Falls Coors Falls Coors Falls Brown bag lunch at Coors Falls.

School House RoadSchool House Road

(Note: The remainder of the Lead King Basin loop is the reverse order of the Crystal tour above.)

Sheep Mountain Tour

Ridge cap views 

Looking east.  Red peaks in the center background are the Maroon Bells.Panorama looking west.

Northern Panorama 

Northern Panorama from Sheep Mountain

Inspiration Point 

Inspiration Point -- looking up from the Crystal road.View of the short hike to Inspiration PointLooking east from Inspiration Point Looking east from Inspiration PointZoomed view of Crystal CityPanorama from Inspiration Point looking east.

Devils PunchBowl

Snow Bridge.  The Devils Punchbowl is about 1/4 mile beyond. Bridge at the Devils Punchbowls

Crystal Falls

Crystal Falls.Beaver pond at Crystal Falls.Beaver pond at Crystal Falls.


Treasure Mountain series, compliments of Darryl Boone

Tinker Bell on Treasure Mountain  Treasure Mountain  Marble Quarry from Treasure Mountain  Treasure Mountain  Treasure Mountain looking northwest  Treasure Mountain old miners cabin

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